Wednesday, 23 March 2016

"Beneath the Apple Tree" by Prabhat Ranjan

I looked up above, as I laid
Beneath the apple tree,
And wondered how nice it'll be,
To get those apples for free.
But the apples were too high to reach,
So all my hopes got lost
When suddenly in my mind it came
Great Newton's age old thought.
That when he sat below the tree
As useless as I was,
Without any effort, or initiative,
An apple did really fall.
Newton said that he was the one
Who first actually had found
That earth pulls the apple towards itself
And makes it fall on ground.
Having faith in Mr Newton
I laid there as I was
The noon changed to night,
(The sky flooded with moonlight)
But the apple did not fall!
And then I began to doubt
If really Newton said it true
Or was it for only name and fame
To gain his own fortune!
Just then from above did fall
An apple that made me sicken!
For it emitted a chokin' smell
And throughout it was worm stricken!
Within a flash I speculated
That no book has ever mentioned
That what Newton actually did 
With the apple that had fallen.
Now I know he must have crushed it
And took out his all frustration
Because just like mine, his apple too was
Dead decayed and rotten!

So commit to memory my new theory 
And never have it forgotten
That all the apples that hang on tree 
Are not pulled by gravitation.
Through the years I have known
That among the apples that hang on tree
The gravity brings down,
On the ground
Only the decayed apples for free!

An easy going human, Prabhat Ranjan, an artist by chance, and a poet by accident, survives by making futile plans about getting serious towards life every day. Fancying himself a vagabond, his curiosity keeps him interested in the world, which he keeps exploring through books, writings, conversations, odd excursions and imagination. He admires everything archaic and wishes to travel back to the old centuries, to experience those times in real, for once.